Am I just being ungrateful?


So, my SO works shutdowns, he’s on 7/12s. I work 4/10s right now. So it’s hard to avoid getting in bed late. I’ve really been trying to be better with cooking and getting things done for him. I make his lunch for work every night, I do as much as a wife role, without being his wife. I don’t get home from work until 8:30-9 pm, so I’m wore out just like he is by the end of the day. Except, I have more things to do when I get home. (I know, that’s life) I even rushed home from work last night and still didn’t get home until 9pm, and hurried and made him baked enchiladas, so he could have a hot meal when he got home. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing these things for my man. So, I’m off today. He got off work early, so I was hoping he would be up for a little love. We ate on the couch and watched tv, then he reclined back. I climbed on top of him to hopefully turn him on a little. Nope. Nothing. I just straight up told him I wanted it, and he just said “oh”.

I said, “so you don’t want to?” He said, “babe I’m just tired”. Well when the HECK are we going not be tired? To top it off, I never even got a thank you for dinner tonight. It just hurt my feelings.

So, here I am, laying beside him while he snores. I’m so frustrated I could scream. I don’t masterbate, I just need my man to give me sex! Ughhh, thanks for making me feel like crap.