Urgent!! Need opinions! 31 weeks

Hayley • 25, mommy to Milo 👦🏻💙 and Ollie 👶🏼💗

Ive been having abdominal pain for the last week or so, in one spot. I haven’t thought anything much of it, it’s just a nuisance and uncomfortable. I work in a kitchen and do moderately heavy lifting, but if I think it’s too heavy I ask for help and everyone understands. I left work tonight very uncomfortable, there was a lot of pressure in my abdomen and lower chest and it was hard to breathe. Lasted about 2 minutes. Drove home quickly, stripped it of my dirty clothes, got an apple and a cold bottle of water and got into bed. Ate my apple, drank the cold water, laid down for 30 minutes. No movement from my baby, the only thing I felt in my stomach was pressure in my pelvis and vagina. I’m taking a shower to try to relax and because I’m sweaty and dirty, but I’m worried about not feeling anything. He’s never quiet after I get off work. Should I be worried? I know if I call my nurse line theyll tell me to go in anyway, so I want more opinions. If I don’t feel anything after my shower when I’m in bed then we’ll go in, but the question is should I bother waiting?

Update: was able to get a kick count after drinking some Snapple, still took a little longer than usual and ill continue to monitor movement through the weekend. I have a doctor appointment on Monday (the 23rd) so I’ll be bringing it up to my doctor then!