been in pain can't hardly walk...


I'm 36 weeks and 5 day went to the clinic today to do my NST test, doctor asked me if I'm feeling the contractions I'm getting. I explain to her that I have never felt contractions for any of my pregnancy the only thing I feel is pressure down there, I also told her for my 13 year old I went to the clinic with the same pressure I feel now I was 5cm dilated well she checked me and I'm 1 cm dilated thick cervix though.

I feel a lot of pressure I can't sit up, lay down or hardly walk without feeling so much pressure, my due date is August 11th, I'm nervous cause I've never been dilated this early for my other 2 kids. I hope she waits to come out till her sis comes home for her to come into the world, her sis wants to be in the room to see her little sis born. Also I was a little excited cause I arrived home and received a package from my mother in law with clothing and a couple of other things for our baby girl.