What are your symptoms? How are you taking care of your self?


According to glow, I’m about 5 1/2 weeks along.

Here are my symptoms, can anyone relate? Lol

What are yours?

1. SORE BREASTS - like I haven’t wanted to wear a bra in days ladies.

2. Intermittent light cramping

3. Fatigue - I’m tired tired tired; like I tried to go to sleep at 7pm last night tired.

4. So thirsty

5. I HAVE TO PEE. ALL. THE. TIME. - probably because I’m thirsty but even when I’m not. And I know it’s only going to get worse as I have a baby on my bladder.

6. Very early on, I felt several symptoms of depression. Which was unexpected and confusing. Hoping that doesn’t continue now that I know the news but who knows with the things a pregnancy changes in your body.

7. I just had my first pregnancy craving. I’m a vegetarian and wanted a mayo and bologna sandwich...I didn’t even like bologna when I did eat meat..

I’m taking care of myself by taking lots of naps, drinking plenty of water and attempting exercise. :)