Recommendations for what newborn baby can sleep in when in parents’ room?

Steph • Wife & Mama of 3 👧🏻👦🏻👶🏼

Need recommendations for what to get for our newborn baby to sleep in. He has a crib in his own room he will transition to when he’s older but I need ideas for what to keep in my husband and my bedroom when he’s so little. We had a pack and play with my daughter and she hated it. We had to hold her a lot and take sleep shifts to get through the first few months of her life. I sold it in a garage sale because I was determined to get something different for #2.

This time around, I’ve been considering getting a mini pack and play and getting a different mattress because I think the pack and play mattress was the problem or a good co-sleeper for the bed or something close to the bed. I’ve been reading reviews for co-sleepers, bassinets, and pack and plays and I’m so confused.