❌Unintentional Rude Comments- Pregnancy

I have a coworker, she is a very sweet woman, and she was born in the Philippines. Due to this fact, I think sometimes she misses out on common courtesy’s that we have in America, which is understandable because we come from two different cultures. Being from the US we are usually kind of shocked (not necessarily offended) when someone says things that may seem impolite lol

-She is Asian so she has a very small frame. I was like 18 weeks pregnant and just starting to show and she said “My sister looked like you when she was 7 months pregnant. But you have an American body” while laughing.

-Constantly asked me “Are you sure you’re not having twins??”

These things wouldn’t have hurt my feelings before pregnancy, but now I’m constantly looking at my body and I’m in the stage where I don’t really look pregnant, just fat lol. Does anyone else here know people who have said things to you that were hurtful without realizing it?