he's just the absolute best I couldn't imagine a better for me

Emma • Expecting baby #1 January 4 2019 a beautiful baby girl and can not Wait to met her❤❤

I was in a relationship with a physically and mentally abusive person for 3 years I met the man of my dreams in September of 2017. We went to school together and we had start to spend time together towards mid October and I went to his house the weekend before Halloween and it was amazing I wouldn't change any of it. after being together for 5 months we found out we were expecting a beautiful baby girl and we can't wait to met her in January ❤. I've told him several times already I don't want to go back to work after she's here I want to stay at home and be a stay at home mommy. he looked at me and said we can make that work if you really want to and you can stay home I almost cried 😭 he said he'd get two jobs to support us and be able to get a house I just can't with this man is the absolute best and he saved me from the worst relationship ever. the best days of my life ❤10.30.17❤ 💞4.27.18💞 and her due date to be 🎀1.4.19🎀