Testing out miscarriage...


So I am not hoping to be pregnant again... in fact I’m terrified. I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks June 24, it happened naturally at home, and I tested with Wondfo at Home until it was negative. But this afternoon I just tested again and now there’s a faint line again. These tests are just shitty, right? It can’t be a new pregnancy? Like an idiot I had unprotected sex about 9-10 days ago and he didn’t pull out... and again a few days ago (he did pull out this time). I kind of assumed I wouldn’t get pregnant immediately following a miscarriage. So- is there a faint line from leftover HCG even though I am almost positive it was negative last week (should’ve taken photos)... I’m so scared. 😔 Please don’t grill me about birth control- I know. I’m 33 and married, I just don’t want to go through the heartache again... I’m ready to move forward and be done with having children.

Edited below so you can see a little more what I see