I just need some support

I’m 38 wks & 2 days. Everything just hurts at this point, my body aches, my muscles hurt, my allergies have been acting up resulting in sinus headaches and all of that. I’m just ready for pregnancy to be over with, my SO says all I do is complain about how everything “always hurts”. He acts like he knows everything and that I shouldn’t complain at all which honestly upsets me. This is our first baby & he just acts like such an ass towards me about the way I feel physically and emotionally. I’m tired of hearing him say “that’s part of it” or “all you do is complain”. I’m pretty nervous about birth in the first place and it being this close to the end, I’ve really had some anxiety about it and have been freaking myself out about it. It would be nice if he would be more supportive and understanding. He will try to be sweet and rub my belly but he always ends up being too rough with me then gets all butt hurt when I tell him to be gentle. I can’t win for losing with him and it’s really starting to irritate me a lot.