Can anyone relate or have heartbreak advice ?

So my today I tried to make amends with my ex. 🤦🏽‍♀️He was clearly having none of it. To find out he had a gf was very painful and I felt like I just died. Obviously never got over him. he moved on so quick and he doesn’t even wanna talk. Mind you he used to talk to other girls, primarily his ex, when we were together. But now this new girl is oh so special he can’t talk to anyone. I’m disgusted. I feel like I wasn’t enough but she is. After 2 years trying to hold it together. He been seeing her probably less than 2 months 😭

How can I deal with this? This man put me thru so much changes just to leave me. Im truly at a loss for everything.

Please don’t say get a new guy cause I don’t think it’s possible or can help me at this point 😭