Period? Helpppppp

Sierra • USAF wife🇺🇸💕| Pre-Med student 👩🏽‍⚕️

I am sooo confused!!!

So I’m 11dpo today.

I had brown spotting last night (usually my first day of periods are really heavy & not “brown”) than this morning it was red and a bit heavier... I just went to the bathroom(8 hours later) & now I’m barely even spotting ...

I usually have my period for 5 days & have a 35DC ...

I know implantation is usually very light so once I started bleeding heavier w/ red today I thought it was AF ... but this is strange to me... & I’m having really bad cramps & I took a pregnancy test yesterday (couple hours before spotting started) & it was a very very faint positive! 😫 anyone else had this problem?!