Please Help!


So I came out as Bisexual back when I was 13, I had always known I was into girls, in fact I was into girls before I ever tried to be with boys. But the past year, I’ve been too afraid to have sex. I refused with my ex boyfriend because when I did it wasn’t fun or pleasurable, and I would go home and cry every time after until I just decided to stop putting myself through that torture. And eventually we broke up, I’ve always been more turned on by girls sex wise and I’ve had a lot of sex with girls and it just feels right. So what I need help figuring out is, am I a lesbian? Because the whole sex thing and I have been looking for a girlfriend the whole time since, but I still think guys are physically attractive, but I don’t ever get turned on by guys. I really really need help, and I need advice because my family took it hard enough when I said I was bisexual, but I’m scared of what they’ll say if I tell them I’m a lesbian.. please help..