How can I leave this

I just got into a physical altercation with a fucking man who I was dating and I’m scared I can’t get out of this situation. He said he’ll hurt me and my family if I leave him. He bought a fucking gun to my house. He kicked me outta his car,And pulled me by my shirt. He took my phone Away. That’s why he literally kicked me with his legs out of his car, all because I wanted him to leave and to give me my phone : I was trying to break up with him but I’m scared for my life. I never thought In a million years I would be in a situation like this. I always thought I could just leave and drop him, but I’m freaking out. Nobody deserves this. He said he’ll never do it again but lord knows that’s a lie. What can I do? It probably sounds stupid and I should call the police but I’m scared to bring them into this. I don’t want to make matters worse. I’m just overwhelmed with so many emotions right now