Trigger warning: OD’ing


Backstory: These past 2 months or so my panic and anxiety has gotten way more out of control than usual. Likely because my husband has been very busy with work. Anyway I landed myself In the hospital a few times because of it, the doctor that saw me “solved” my problem by prescribing me Ativan. Little did I know I just about landed myself in my death bed because of that. This past Saturday I was having a panic attack in the car with my husband and some friends. To prevent it worsening & as instructed by that doctor I was to take 4 of these pills during one so I could calm down. I did so, why wouldn’t i? I should be able to trust a doctor. I shouldn’t have to second guess his professional opinion since I myself am not nearly as educated on such topics. In no time at all I could feel myself fading, wanted to go to sleep so so bad. Mind you we were at a restaurant now and I was quickly turning into a wreck. As soon as my husband realized what was happening and realized i was past my *normal* safe reaction to this medication he called 911. This was at 7:00pm. I woke up at 4:00am hooked up to an IV being closely monitored to be sure my breathing continued & told I’m lucky to be alive with a crying nervous husband by my side. I was asked a series of questions that I didn’t understand. “Why did you take all that medication?” “Did someone drug you with this” “do you feel safe with this man” and all I could tell this doctor was it was an accident. Because it was. All I did was follow the previous doctors orders and because of that I overdosed and almost lost my life. The doctor simply apologized immensely for his co workers incompetence and that’s the last I remember of him or honestly the situation at all. There’s a good 24 hours that are a complete blur to me which I’ve had to be filled in on.

Point is check and recheck your medication, know the risks of that medication, know what the proper doses are so you don’t end up in a situation like I was thrown into or worse. Ask questions! It might save you or someone you know life.

I know there are people with much much worse stories out there and even those who did not make it out of it but this is just my story and I wanted to share.

There’s probably some holes as I am still recovering, I will update/clarify for anyone interested