Help me!!!!!!!! 😰


My dad went to hospital Sunday night because he had super high blood pressure. They said it okay and it’s just cause he drinks etc.

he got a call last night from a doctor and they said that from the scans there is a growth on the brain.

He had to go to the hospital today to get full on scans and test and stuff. He broke down crying telling me this afternoon and he does not know what it is. He will know tomorrow hopefully.

I’m really worried because he is in his last year at uni studying nursing so he knows agout stuff like this.

He said it could be cancer, cushion syndrome and heaps of stuff.

I’m really upset because my mind goes to the worst. I love my dad and I hope it’s nothing serious. I have school tomorrow and I’m just going to be worrying about that it may be.

I’m really shocked and upset. Does anyone have any tips on how to not be so worried and how to prepare for the worse?!

Btw I’m 15