vomiting from period cramps

Yenni • polyamorous, TTC month 18, Pet Care Professional

Got my period almost a week late yesterday afternoon(I'm usually clockwork), it was very light, barely anything, and I also had a migraine. When I went to bed around 1am I did my usual heating pad as I fall asleep thing, cramps had started minorly in the late evening. I was laying there as the cramps got worse and worse over the course of a couple of minutes till I couldn't stay quiet and woke my husband up. I could barely speak I felt like I was being strangled. I asked him to go get me midol from my stash in the bathroom (a squeeky breathy "mi...dol...bath....room") but before he could find it I had to call him back for a bucket. Vomited up more than my stomach should have been able to hold (gastric sleeve surgery a few years ago left me with a 4oz stomach). I've never quite had a period cramp go that badly that I can recall. Anyone else get cramps like that or any idea why this would change?