Plan B affects


In need of a little comfort here 😅

On the day of all days (Fathers Day) my boyfriend and I had a little condom mishap and we rushed to take a Plan B pill. 6 days after taking the pill I had my period and on the morning of July 2 I took a test and it came back negative. Lately I’ve been moody and I’ve gained 20+ pounds since my eating habits have gotten pretty bad (I say it’s because he’s making me really happy lol) but I was supposed to start my period on July 21st and nothing came. I feel the period symptoms like tiredness, excessive peeing, bloating, ETC. I’m not worried but the last time I took Plan B I had a regular period but now I’m late. Has this happened to anyone else that has taken Plan B? Not to mention I was ovulating the day it happened as well.. Is this normal or should I schedule a doctors appointment?? I definitely know I’m not pregnant but I just want to know if this happened to anybody else and how long it took for their period to come.