3 month old fussy in sleep

Carrie • Had my 🌈👶 4/24/18, now I’m a struggling single mother

Ok so my Lil girl is now 3 months old. She is sleeping through the night mostly but around 1:30 she will start getting fussy in her sleep. She goes to sleep with her pacifier it falls out and around 1:30am she will fuss but not be awake. Give her the pacifier and she gets quiet for about 30 mins right about the time I go back to sleep she does it again. And repeat the same process until 6:30 am around the time we wake up for the day or to go to work. It’s wearing me out. Now I’ve let it go on but she just wakes up crying. Also I’ve picked her up given her a bottle and diaper change but that just leads to her not wanting to go back to sleep she wants to play lol. I don’t know what to do. The only thing that seams to work is picking her up and putting her in the bed with me and my husband and she sleeps on til morning but I want her to stay in her bassinet.

Any ideas on why she is doing this? Any idea what to try and help?