He wants me on the pill...

He doesn’t want anymore kids (he has a 35 yr old), considering a vasectomy but wants me on the pill just so he can cum in me. However flattering that may be to some, I’m not a fan of chemicals, especially hormone regulating type of chemicals in my body. I was on the pill for a good month & didn’t like how I felt & it was supposedly the lowest hormone they made.

Anyway, I know many women who’ve gotten pregnant on the pill, taking it how they’re supposed too, & I’d love a baby now by him. We currently use condoms & the pull out method & I’ve told him that if I get on the pill & end up pregnant then what would he do & of course he didn’t reply.

I want him to release in me, but I don’t want to get on the pill or any forms of birth control for that matter because I fear terrible side effects & my periods are perfect other than it being 7 days. I don’t get cramps etc, only crackheadish type of food cravings lol.

I don’t know what to do to get him to cum in me.

UPDATE: He told me months ago that he’ll marry me if I get pregnant. That he won’t leave me a single mom. Our situation is like an exclusive sugar daddy ordeal. Where he said he’ll stay & provide for me until my prince charming comes along but he no longer desires love (some woman or women hurt him in the past) & I’m like money is cool but I want love, so I’ve been on many verges of leaving him alone. I’m too young to have a tubal ligation (late 20s). I’m also not fond of marrying on anything other than love & the desire to build w/ & grow old w/ one another.