sos 🙃

you ever just crave your so’s dick?? like not a dildo, literally just his? my bf has trouble sexually because he’s on an SSRI (i am as well but it doesn’t affect me as much as it used to). he’s in the mood once in a blue moon and he can get out of it so quick, before we even get to have sex. he’s been gone like 6 weeks but i got to see him for 3 days last week and he couldn’t get in the mood. it was so frustrating because i’m so pent up and i know he has to be too but he just wasn’t feeling it. i try not to be upset with him because it’s not his fault but jfc i just want some dick 😫😫

edit: i guess part of why it bothers me is because he’s not even willing to try like i was begging to suck his LIMP DICK just to try and get things going.