TTC it has been 8 years :(


hello ladies I've been trying to have my second baby for about 8 years now I've been to doctors nothing is wrong supposedly they say I have had ultrasounds blood work done everything is in order last year I had a chemical pregnancy which felt so horrible because my hopes were up high I was telling everybody I was pregnant just for a week later to have the miscarriage right now I have been keeping track of my ovulation which it came out positive when I took the test and I had intercourse all those days I am now 4 days due for my period but I have been having really really sore breasts I took a test but came out negative I feel like it will never be a good feeling ever taking test after test after test and being disappointed I just want to let you women out there know that you are not alone that I do understand the disappointment of taking a test and not seen the two little lines pop-up or the screen announce that you are pregnant You are not alone with that feeling it is a feeling that I have felt for many years all I can say is just keep praying and have faith just as I have and being on here on this blog help me out so much just know that you are not alone I am trying different methods now I've been trying you connects every time I ovulate also on some fertility teas as well