I know I know I know

I need to vent. Dont we all?

Life has really just been fucking me in the ass lately. My car broke down 4 weeks ago and is costing me $1039 to get fixed. Boyfriends car just broke down last night. Brand. New(to us). Freaking. Vehicle. Today, my work computer made a HUGE popping noise and shut off. Started smelling like it was on fire. They had to call IT down to service it which is kind of funny/ironic because I do IT work ( but with a specific company). I have been feeling like a failure at this whole getting pregnant thing. I cant seem to understand my ovulation. I have so many questions. If one more freaking person tells me to just be happy with the kids we have, I might go psycho. It's not that I'm NOT happy with them. But I want one more before I turn 30. My boyfriend is fine either way. He says he will be excited if we have one, and if we dont he will be sad but he is also fine with the life we have now. My first two weren't planned, and I just want one pregnancy where I do everything right and have support.

Personally, if I see AF one more time during this TTC period. I might cry. I just need a baby in my arms so bad. I'm trying sooooo hard.

Also, I feel like I may delete my Facebook because it seems like all the girls do is brag about their lives.

Okay I'm done. I think.

yeah I guess I can be done for now. I got enough off my chest.