Do you think it’s a bad idea to have sex with a close friend? Please read first

I’ve had friends with benefits before, but it was just that. We only talked to each other when we needed some. Well things kinda escalated with a close friend of mine, we’ve known each other for two years but we only became really close in the last year. We joke around a lot and I can be my silly self around him which it’s great but I never saw our friendship more than a platonic one. I don’t know if he did because he never mentioned or said something that made me think that. Well that changed last week when we were talking about his ex and the shitty way she dumped him in December, he said my butt made his worst days better so he looked at it a lot. I kinda brushed it off because it was late at night and thought he was drunk or something but since then we’ve been talking about hooking up. More in a joking way like, “I’m gonna have a 3way with you. Me you and crisps” because he knows I love crisps 😂 and he made a pun saying “I’ll bent you over and rek you” after I sent him a get rekt meme, him mentioning when I’m gonna get back from holiday etc. So nothing serious like “so you’re free today at 3pm?” or anything like that, but still lol. Some of our friends already think we’re hooking up for some reason. I don’t think it would change anything honestly, but you know there’s still that fear of fucking up a great friendship. Any input, ladies?

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