Help!! family



I'm 4 weeks off having my first baby.


Basically I was due to have my baby shower 3 weeks ago a few days before my partner's sister messaged to a group that I was part of with all of my friends and family regarding the baby shower she said to me that I could make my own cake and that she wasn't coming.

It all then kicked off between myself and my partner's sisters and Mum and they all refused to come to my baby shower.

Since then a lot has been said and I haven't said anything nasty at all. My partner's mum said I was a drama queen and a mistake, that my house was a mess, that I slag people off etc.

Since all this it's had a massive effect on myself and my partner and caused so much stress.

I've asked nicely that my partner's family apologise to me for the things theyve said otherwise I will have to think about them seeing the baby. My partner's mum has refused to apologise and now my partner is annoyed at me because I've said they're not seeing the child until they apologise.

Just to say I could have point blank refused them to see child but I'm not. All I want is a simple sorry and to move I in the wrong ?