Am I wrong for feeling this way? What would you do in this situation?

Gabriela-Jacquelina • 22🦋 Bikini Designer & Expressionist Painter 🦋 CEO of GGBIKINI

Me and my man were just having sex, he was giving it to me from behind which I really like but I like to concentrate so I can come. All of a sudden my phone starts to buzz and he starts checking my phone saying it’s probably your mom. So I shout, frustrated, to leave the phone and continue. Like who does that in the middle of sex... it made me feel sooo not sexy and the headspace was lost. UNTIL he ANSWERS THE PHONE CALL AND PUTS THE PHONE TO MY FUCKING EAR. I LET out a groan that just happened I couldnt control and hung up on my mom so quick. I was really embarrassed and in the moment shocked like wtf is going on right now. I don’t know if my man expected me to start having a normal conversation with her while he gives it to me from behind but I was definitely not feeling that level of “kink”. At all. I told him please stop I’m losing my concentration and he starts yelling at me to calm down. When I stop shouting for him to continue I didn’t calm down the frustration was just too much and I started to cry. I don’t know why I couldn’t control it. Thinking about it now I felt unattractive and unwanted... Answering phone calls? We are having sex. That’s sacred don’t break that. Paying attention to things other than me is a huge turn off for me. I could have been easygoing about it but that’s not what came out. Anyways he got mad when he saw me crying pulled out and said “oh now you’re crying” and locked himself in the bathroom. He finished showering and went to work without saying a word to me. Wtf just happened.

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