First pregnancy ended in MMC

Jess • First BB was lost to a MMC 7.20.18 💞 Currently pregnant with my 🌈; he’s due 7.10.19 🔮💙

On 7/21 I had a D&C; due to a missed miscarriage. I would’ve been 11 weeks on 7/22, but my babe was only measuring 6 weeks.

I never once had any spotting, and no cramping. Even now, three days later, I only see light colored old blood when I wipe.

Five or so weeks ago we had an ultrasound and we saw the baby’s heartbeat and it measured 6w3d, HB 101 (I thought I was 7w1d)

I have yet to have any doctors explain anything to me, so my only speculation is that babe held out long enough my partner and I to see. I find comfort in that. I only found out I miscarried because at an ultrasound on 7/19, there was no heartbeat and I only saw fragments of my baby. On the day of the D&C;, the sac was empty.

Obviously my body missed the death, as I still had all my pregnancy symptoms. Did my body absorb the fetus? Has anyone experienced this?

This was my first pregnancy, and my first miscarriage. Both, unplanned. Needless to say, I’m devastated and trying to make sense of it all. I have hypothyroidism, but my levels were in great range, as was my iron and everything else. All I can think about now, is trying to conceive again. All I want is my baby in my arms.

This is my first post on any sort of support board, or group. At this point in time, I am seeking support, advice, tips on TTC, and to connect with others who have experienced a miscarriage (or a similar MMC like mine)

Success stories after a MMC?