BFP with a 1 year old - mixed feelings?

Our baby girl turned 1 year old at the beginning of July and last night I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive! We both want another baby, maybe two, but we were both kind of on the same page on waiting until the new year before trying again. I’ve been using nuvaring for birth control so this was a complete shock! We’re both excited because we know this is something that we want, just a little sooner than planned! But a part of me is a little sad that it’s happened so soon, we wanted to go on a vacation and have planned to go to some social events and let loose a little bit before trying again. I feel so guilty for feeling this way and wanting that time for myself first! 😣 Can anyone relate? I just feel so awful! We know this is such a blessing and we are happy about it, it just feels so different than with our first.