I am 19, boyfriend is 29 and he is the one that wanted me to get birth control in the first place. He has said before when he was drunk that if someone ever ends up pregnant with his kid hes either going to kill himself or shes going to get an abortion... I am pregnant. This was said a while ago and he loves kids, hes around them all the time its just his ex girlfriend doesn't let him see his daughter and i don't know how to convice him not all women are like that. I love him, so much it hurts sometimes and I am NOT getting an abortion. I need help on ehat to say to him because I honestly do not know what his reaction is going to be.

UPDATE: Yes when he said what he did about the abortion i told him id never get one.

UPDATE 2: Yes i agreed to the birth control and yes i am currently taking it. well was taking it til now.