You love you spouse more or equal to your child(ren)

"You'll love you husband/wife more then your child(ren)". "The love you have for your husband/wife is equal to the love of your child(ren)". I've had people tell me this a lot and I've read it way too many times from different people. No way I agree with these statements. 1. I will always love my children more than anyone! I can't kick them out if things goes south. I have to care for the 24/7 of their lives until at least 18! My spouse isn't equal to my children! Those relationships are 100% different! I have sex with my spouse. I will never touch my children like that. That's sick! My spouse, I love him enough to put up with him. My children, you better be glad I gave birth to you. I love you and can never kick you out! Can people please stop saying that. love between a spouse is completely different then the love you have for your children! My children will always come first