Opinions pleaseeee! Long because it’s Hard to explain sorry!

Heather • 💙Otto Wayne 9/7/18 💙💚Owen David 5/22/20💚

Okay so I’m tying to make this part of the wall more complete looking and I’m asking for help on what to do. (And not if you think the deer is scary or not lol because it’s staying)

The color of the wall is a very light mint green, I will have gray valances, cushions and crib skirts- and white bookshelves and closet door.

I was think about putting arrows on the sides- the medium size is about the same length as the picture frame.

***First is the amount of arrows and sizes—- Should I put one or two on each side? If one same size? And if two- I was thinking a medium and large on one side and a medium and small on the other.

***Second is the colors if I go with two on each side- On the color pic #1 is my pick for white- I want to have this color for sure and #43 is the gray I like (also the gray in the arrow pic).. should I do two gray and two white. Or three white one gray... or two white, 1 gray and one other color???

What would you do?

Lmao please help! Thank you!!!!!

This is the color of the crib a kind of tanish brownish grayish color.

This is also a better pic of the deer- it’s lighter than pic shows