Is this normal?

Ok so me and by bf have a long distance relationship! He’s 32 and I’m 25. We have always had a little problems in the bedroom(mainly he have a lot of anxiety and there is a lot of positions that just don’t work for us) but we’ve always been horny for eachother and had sex. When we’ve been togheter we have usually had sex 2-3 times a week.

Now I’ve been here for two months and we’ve had sex FOUR TIMES.

I try my best to deduce him and I also ask him directly, I dress up nice, walk around in underwear in front of him... a lot of things but its it working. He just seem uninterested AF.

When I try to ask him(without pushing it) he just says “sorry I’m just not thinking about that kind of things rn”! I respect it! But yeah I’m still so sad inside tho :( I get paranoid. For each day I feel more resentment and I stopped being so loving towards him, stopped trying like at all, I’m just at my phone all the time.

I know he wants to be with me because he’s planning our future and stuff? But I’m worried :|

He’s tried before to break up with me because problems in our sexlife. Btw we have a great sexlife when we have actual sex!

Another thing is that its so hot outside and we’re not used to it here and he’s sweating all day(me too) and when I’m near him his like “omg you are so warm go away” :| I like to think it’s because of the heat but idk? What to think?

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