Successful Pregnancy After an Ectopic Rupture


Last month I learned that I was pregnant for the first time, and after some initial spotting and a very early ultrasound, I was advised by my doctor that I had most likely miscarried. During that visit my HCG was tested and came back as very low (273). Two days later I was tested again and my HCG had lowered, but only slightly (240). I was instructed to get another blood draw at the beginning of the following week to rule out an ectopic (something I had never really even heard of before!). Unfortunately for me, it was an ectopic, and despite all of the data we were collecting very early into the pregnancy, my right tube ruptured over that weekend before I was able to get that next blood draw. I ended up having emergency surgery to remove the ectopic and my ruptured right tube. I am now 7 weeks post-surgery and feeling great. My doctor advised that we wait until I successfully have 2 periods/cycles before trying again. While I’m still waiting on that first period (feeling very Judy Blume right now!), I know that despite this scary and unlucky occurrence (coupled with the fact that my chances of another ectopic are increased based on the occurrence of a first) we are going to continue to try our best to have a baby. I would love to hear some positive stories from women who had an ectopic/tube removal and then went on to have totally normal and uneventful pregnancies!