Can’t stop being hungry!!

Belle • ❤️Zenith❤️

Hey ladies,

I just hit my 7 week mark and boy, has my appetite grown! I was a little underweight for a while (and pretty malnourished the 2 years before) so I think it’s my body trying to stock up as the umbilical cord is gearing up to share my nutrients. (My theory at least)

But dang I feel like a hog. Going from hardly eating to constantly being hungry is strange and kinda makes me nervous. My body is changing so quickly! And not to mention I can feel my uterus growing! 😳 I can’t believe it’s supposed to have already doubled in size... except I can because of how bloated I have become. 😂

Anyone else embarrassed by how much food you’re shoveling down your face?! I even had 2 coworkers comment 😭 except I haven’t told anyone yet so I just said I have a fast metabolism (partly true)