Feeling grateful.. scariest experience of my life.


So I’m sitting in the hospital just blown away at how blessed we are. I’m so thankful to God.

Yesterday my husband and I were out 4 wheeling. We were up on this mountain when our clutch plate went out in our Jeep. We were trying to gently get the Jeep off the rocky area to flat ground so we could get towed out. No one could come out and help us. Our phones were dying.

Well long story short, we got into a sticky spot. My husband tried to get the Jeep over a rock and it propelled itself down the mountain. He was on the outside. Tried to not steer it off the cliff face & grab the emergency brake. Next thing we know the Jeep hit a rock and went airborne and rolled sideways onto my husband. It somehow (thank God!) bounced off him and he was able to get out. The Jeep rested on its roof. I tried to care for my husbands numerous injuries, specifically a large gash in his knee.

He wanted to move down the mountain and wasn’t going to be stopped by me so we went and found shade. Tied our dog to a tree. I had less than 10% on my phone and bad service. EMS couldn’t find us. Eventually life flight was going over us after I gave them our longitude and latitude and I got their attention with an American flag we had on the Jeep. Around 45 minutes to an hour after our initial call they finally found us. He had to be taken by life flight to a hospital over an hour away.

When I arrived at the hospital I learned he had no brain/head damage (some cuts on his head & large bumps), no broken bones, no internal bleeding, nothing.

He has one large abrasion on his knee that cut all the way down to the cartilage covering his patella. He had to have internal and external stitches. He has multiple cuts and scrapes across various parts of his body but I cannot even express how lucky we were. I thought he was dead when I watched the Jeep land on top of him. It was the scariest experience of my life.

Kiss your loved ones. You never know how fragile life is and they can be taken from you in an instant. We were so so very fortunate but some are not.