Anyone know what these bruises are?

I’m 38 weeks pregnant. These bruises started on my arms a week ago, but not nearly as bad. I asked my doctor and she said it just looks like a reaction to something. My OB also sucks though, she’s honestly the worst doctor I’ve ever had and doesn’t seem like she knows anything. She even said I could leave state at 38 weeks and I’d have to just “pray nothing bad happens” (I’m not leaving, she overheard my husband talking about traveling for work)

Anyways, a few days ago I noticed these on my leg and thigh but today they seem to be a lot worse. I’ve been tested for deficiencies and anemia, as well as a few other things I don’t remember but everything was normal. I don’t actually bruise easily. So I’m not sure what this is from. My other leg has them too but barely any. I don’t think I have them anywhere else