Should i respond??

My baby dad (we have a 2 year old and I’m almost 27 weeks pregnant with our baby girl) started acting very distant right when i found out i was pregnant. I told him about how he was acting and he apologized and swore he was fine and happy but it just got worse to the point we barely spoke and he was always suspicious with his phone. I ended up leaving bc I’ve put up with the lying and cheating for 4 years, I’ve had enough. He went a whole 5 months without speaking to me, without seeing our son, not a text asking about how he is or how our unborn child is, missed our son’s 2nd birthday and didn’t even send a text or make a post on Facebook (he posts everything on fb). Nothing.

Two days ago i got a text saying “i love you i swear”. But i didn’t respond. Today i got a text saying “how’s ____ (our son’s name)” followed by a text saying “how’s our baby”.

Would i be wrong to continue to ignore him?