Pushing formula supplements?



Frustrated. Cassie is jaundice and at a level 10 from a level 7. The pediatrician came in and suggested formula through a tube while breastfeeding her. He quickly mentioned the light therapy and went right back to if her levels continue to rise we will bring up formula again. Like why? My milk is coming in fine she’s had 8 bms and several wet diapers. I will do what I have to do to keep her healthy. But I don’t want to give her formula EVER. And I figured light therapy would be the treatment. Sorry for the frustration post.

Has anyone else been pushed to supplement with formula for jaundice? Am I just being difficult? Please give me advice.

P.S. if it will help I will end up doing it. But I really don’t want to....

Cassie Lynn Jackson

8lbs 10.1oz 21.5in




Baby is fine. My milk came in on day 3. Very normal and impressive for requiring a blood transfusion after birth! She ate tons pooped tons and peed a good amount. Baby and I are home after three days in hospital. No formula needed! Don’t let drs push you around. Obviously some medical issues will require supplement with formula. But our situation definitely didn’t need it!!