really need some advice ladies

Okay here it goes. I've been with this guy for 2 1/2 years. we had a son which is 9 months old. And now I'm pregnant again 9 weeks. which we were trying for another baby because we have had 3 miscarriages together. So this is our rainbow baby and so was our son. well he's a pediatrician. So i thought he was this wonderful guy. well we were suppose to get married and spend the rest of our lives together and i was a stay at home mom. well the week before we were suppose to move to memphis he called the engagement off and said he didn't want us to move together and he was done with me. I'm the mean time he was hitting me which I have pictures of the brusing he left on my leg from hitting me and have a video of him admitting that he hit me and said go show everyone the pictures I would rather go to jail then ever be with you. I've been nothing but loving and kind to him. I kept finding him being sneaky and lying about things. 2 girls he was talking to and straight lied to me that he had never talked to them and they were on his top contacts on Facebook messenger. Turns out he straight lied to me and told me the truth and they were just friends. But why lie to me if they were just friends and swear on your son that you never talked to them. He has been lying constantly and thinks it okay. He told me if I go after him for child support he will take me for custody of our son. He got on facebook and bad mouthed me behind my back without me knowing and told everyone I was crazy and to block me. He mad at me because I posted poctures of my ultrasound on facebook and made it public and he told me to tske them down because he doesnt want anyone to k ow and blocked me from calling his phone texting facebook everything. in the mean time he has texted me telling me to go be depressed slit my throat and kill myself. And said he hopes I die. I really don't know what to do. I want t7o put his ass in jail but don't have the heart to because I dont want him to loose his license from something he has worked so hard for. But im sick of him making me into a crazy person when it's not been me it's been him. what do I do? here is a picture of the brusing he left. He got mad at me because I asked him if he was cheating on me. his parents don't know anything but they don't like me from what he has told them. They do not know about me being pregnant or the abuse I have endured with him. I must add when we were in the ultrasound room he said to me the only reason he came was to make sure I miscarried. when he saw a heart beat he was mad as hell and started cussing me out, I had to make him leave the room and the office and told him i hope that they had speakers in there and heard everyrhing he said!