Good surprise?

C 💕

Boyfriend just left to hang out with some friends. I bought this a couple weeks ago and have been waiting for a time to surprise him with it.

I was sick for awhile then I got my period so I pushed it off then i got into an accident and it slipped my mind, until I saw it in the closet this morning,

In the past, we’ve had a good/bad reaction to these. By that I mean, he loves the outfits but he gets too excited and rips the panties/bottom part, so I figured I’d get crotchless this time so he didn’t rip it lol 🙈

I figured I’d put it on after getting our son to bed for the night and then put a note on our door saying “Got a surprise for you, do as you please 😏” just in case I fall asleep before he gets home.

I’ve never worn anything quite like this, usually it’s just a baby doll so I’m still covered. This thing is completely see through. I’m sure he’ll like it, I don’t know why I’m nervous lol. I also thought about sending him a little pic as preview. But he doesn’t have a lock on his phone and he has his phone set to preview messages so I decided against it because his friend would probably glance at his phone if it’s just sitting on the table or something lol.

Thoughts? Good idea, bad idea?

Just in case it wasn’t clear, I am 100% ok with sleep-play, it’s my favorite way to wake up lol.

Update; he loved it. I did fall asleep but he made sure to wake me up and he didn’t rip it! He said I’ll have to do this again sometime 😏