Jessika • ♥️ 26 year old mommy to a 7 year old little man 9/9/12 👦🏼 • lost my sweet 2nd son 9/5/17 31 weeks 6 days 👼🏻 • Rainbow born 11/12/18 🌈 she is a meningitis survivor 🙏🏼 & is deaf 🤟🏼

Out of nowhere I started cramping at work and sweating. I ended up vomiting 4 times in a row and by the time I made it home I threw up again followed by diarrhea (tmi sorry)

I'm having body pain and chills and a fever of 100.0

Is this maybe just a sudden flu?

Something I need to go in for?

I'm 21 weeks currently with my rainbow after my son was stillborn in September.

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