Carpet cleaner

So this is a little embarrassing but I know life happens.. sorry for the long post.

For the past year I have been working 60 hours a week (I recently quit my job 🤗) and my husband has been working about the same or more. Sometimes my husband would fall asleep before I got home and forget to put the dogs up..

My little shih Tzu has made himself a pee area in what we are making the baby’s room! Our carpet is two years old a very light. The name of it is “Cool Milk” if that tells you how light it is. Very thick soft carpet.

Anyways.. I have a Bissel Proheat steam cleaner. We have steam cleaned and steam cleaned the room. I have used baking soda and vinegar on it, natures miracle, Out!, and now peroxide. For the most part I have gotten the stain out (as well as most of the paint from the base board) HOWEVER, I still know it’s there a little bit and it’s driving me crazy.

Any tips and tricks on what to do, what to use, etc.? Replacing the carpet and/or padding is not an option... I realize that I will probably never get it all out but at least removing as much of the stain.

I honestly think once I repaint the baseboard, it will be way less noticeable to me. I don’t think anybody would know at this point. But I want to do everything I can before painting the baseboard again.

UPDATE: Shout out to whoever suggested this! It’s time consuming but it’s getting the job done!