When can I get pregnant again?

Leese •🇬🇧•

Hi all, just a bit of advice needed really.

I had a complete miscarriage 2 weeks ago at 6w+4d.

The EPAU told me to wait until after my next period to start trying again but didn’t explain why, does anyone know why I was given this advice?

Also, no period yet BUT starting to feel like I did when I was pregnant (very tired & loss of appetite) was told that you’re most fertile after a miscarriage and while we’re not “leaving it in” when we have sex we’re not using protection either.

Am I being ridiculous & too hopeful? I know my period could come up to 4 weeks later & my cycle will be all over the place but I just want to be back to normal so we can try again! I miss my sore boobs 😢

Please, someone put my mind at rest