Hair , Hair , HAIR !! It’s just hair.


So y’all. Before I got dreads my mom was so disgusted with them. She would always say things like “Dreads stink” and “People who have dreads don’t wash their hair and it’s just nappy, it’s all dead hair”

But me not caring , I was like “welp, I still want them because I like them this is my hair my life.” So I told her like “if I get dreads, my hair is gonna be longer” and stuff cus y’all know, you don’t shed hair when you have locs so 🙌🏽🎉🎉🎉 yess inches! 😍🎊🎊 so yeah. I’m now one year and 2 months into my loc journey and my hair has fully locked and grown to a length it’s never been prior to locking it. I had long hair as a little girl but I wanted a perm when I was 12 (following what mommy did) and boom, it never passed my neck after that. Y’all, I got dreads now and it’s currently touching a little lower than my neck like hey how you doin ?! Im so happy to see you back there ! 😍😁 so yesterday my mom was looking at my hair and she was like

Mom: “Oh my gosh look at your hair, it’s so much now😬”

She had that lil fake smile and shit

Me: why you lookin like that? You don’t like it ?😂

Mom: no I’m just saying it’s getting longer ... 😬

She tried to smile but ended up lookin like the disgusted face

But this is what my dreads look like now