How to get over another BFN???

I tried pre seed and opk this cycle. I was so positive and hopeful because I had some unusual cramping 7-10dpo and today I’m 10dpo took a test and nothing. AF due in 4 days. I can’t help but sit here and cry I feel bad for my hubby because he probably thinks I’m crazy were month 4-5 of trying but im so sad and tired of the BFN ... i feel almost depressed now I have to do it all over again next cycle.

How do you get over it?

I wish I had a hobby to keep me busy I feel like I’m obsessing over it 24/7.

How did/do you handle another month of not conceiving?

I’m sitting in bed crying but it won’t change the fact it didn’t happen.

I feel literally like just giving up on it all. I put all my love and money into wanting a baby and nothing.