period or implementation bleeding?


I'm 30 years and I pretty much know when to expect Aunt Flo and how many days she will be around. But this month is definitely unusual, where I don't know what is going on 🤔💬

On July 5th I swear I had gotten a positive OPK test, and logged in as so with Ovia, Glow and Fertility Friend. On July 26th I was 22DPO and began spotting that evening. I logged it in as possibly my period, after being 6 days late.

When I logged my period on the 26th, it said I ovulated on July 12th. I lightly bled for a full 48hrs and stopped. I woke up this morning and nothing. My periods typically last 4 - 5 days. I haven't been stressed this month and my diet hasn't changed. I am taking a prenatal vitamin, but nothing else.