I think I’m pregnant!

I think I’m pregnant and I’m so excited about it.

I’ve been getting mad cramps, hip pains, my pubic area/ lower stomach has been looking bloated, swollen & tender breasts, back pains and weird af mood swings.

The only thing is... if I am I’m only 17 (18 in a month) and my parents would not let me keep it but I would want to... and I’m pretty sure my SO would want me to keep it too.

I need to buy a test but I’ll keep you all updated...


I’m not pregnant and I’m glad. The person who it would’ve been with told me their body count (a disgustingly high number) and let me know (without me asking) of the girls he’s fucked and what happened with them etc. I found a girl’s jacket on his bedroom floor. He also invited me around the other day to spend the day with him and straight after we had sex he told me to leave because he wanted to sleep. He’ll never make a good dad. (I loved this person once and now I’m so disappointed in what he’s become, it honestly disgusts me)