girl code? help needed


so recently i got with this guy. we made out a little & i gave him head. we had been texting or whatever and overall we’re truly just friends that kinda got carried away. but about two years ago he was “dating” my friend. their relationship consisted of lost of texting but never really hanging out other then a few times bc they never made time for each other. they ended up having a mutual breakup for that same reason. she was fully aware that we were friends but i thought i’d be better off not telling her what had happened bc i didn’t really plan on telling anyone. again, it was a moment where we got carried away not really something i wanted people to know. three weeks go by, and she finds out bc as time had passed i had told maybe five close friends. one who decided they wanted to tell her what i had done. she confronted me at a carnival because thats where we all were when she found out. she was crying and yeah it was messy. now tons of people know what i did with him and i have lost friends. im just looking for opinions on the situation, because idk i feel like what i did is being blown up a little too much and im wondering how other ppl would have reacted on both sides of the situation.