Intruder Pt. 8/11

A man opens the door, “Hello, Sexy.” He says. “Please! Let me in! Hide me!” I frantically utter. He steps out of the way and I walk in close the door and lock all four locks. I look out of the window and ‘boss’ is just exiting the party house. “If anyone comes looking for me, I’m not here! This man raped me and took me to his house and will keep raping me if you let him find out I’m here! I need to hide in a room and call the cops!” I say. “Okay, okay. Try to stay calm. Go down that hall and into the second room on the right. You can close yourself in there and there should be a phone on the dresser.” He responds. “Can you actually hide, too? Pretend you’re not home? He knocked my husband out and maybe even killed him. He could do the same to you.” I ask. “I’ll hide in the room with you so I can give the cops my address.” He says. Just as we’re walking down the hall there’s a knock on the door and I start running to the room.