new fuck buddy

I've always had a Daddy/Master

this guy isn't a Daddy/Master,but he has his kink side that he is slowly introducingto me.

I didn't know this the first time we hooked up . he later told me he has nipple clamps and ropes, ive never done those.

unfortunately he forgot his nipple clamps last night(the fun of messing with someone with ADD,he gets so distracted he forgets stuff lol),but he knows what he is doing and didnt need nipple clamps...never has a guy made me cum so many times from nipple play,holy shit.

than he moved to fingering me and his technique made me squirt,i loved his tone"just relax,let it go..there you go"

fuck me till I'm about to cum,pull out to finger me again to make me squirt again.

literally best ever. Can't wait to see him again .

i was left voiceless and shaky legs😍

it was nice to have somebody that knows what theyre doing with my nipples and fingering me,making it pleasureable