4 Yeast Infections in 3 Months



1st: in early April I got my first yeast infection (of the year) because I was having too much sweets and my vagina usually reacts that way- so I wasn’t surprised. I took the Equate Yeast Infection Pill and cream and it went away.

2nd: in early May, happened randomly i assumed maybe the first infection one wasn’t really gone- I took Canesten Combi-Pak

3rd: LATE MAY, another random occurrence- I went to the DOCTOR (a male) and he said it’s not bacteria vaginosis and to take the Canesten Combi-Pak AGAIN, instead of him giving me a prescription for something that would be almost the exact same thing that he claimed would cost me more to buy

4th (Currently): Late July, my discharge isn’t as cottage cheese like as the other infections- it’s just slightly more thick than normal but my vagina is very irritated and sensitive. I have no idea what I should do now. i’ve been eating yogurt and drinking cranberry juice but nothing natural is working. what can I do ladies? please help me